Eyes Emoji Meaning

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The eyes emoji, 🙄, has become a staple in digital communication, but its meaning may vary depending on context. Primarily, this emoji is used to express exasperation, annoyance, or disbelief. It is often employed to convey a strong sense of rolling one’s eyes in response to something absurd or frustrating. In some instances, it may also imply sarcasm. The upward gaze and raised eyebrows in the emoji symbolize a skeptical or dismissive facial expression. This particular emoji has gained widespread popularity on social media and chat platforms for its ability to succinctly convey a range of emotions with just a single character.

Copy Eyes Emoji

Here are some popular eyes emojis along with their names:

Emoji | Name

— | —

👀 | Eyes

😍 | Heart Eyes

👁️‍🗨️ | Eye in Speech Bubble

👁️ | Eye

😎 | Smiling Face with Sunglasses

😳 | Flushed Face